QuickBooks Consulting

QuickBooks is a powerful tool for many of our clients.  We use it for many of our clients’ businesses to record daily transactions, pay employees, and summarize data for the tax returns.  As with many things, the usefulness of the information is a result of getting it setup properly.

If you plan to use QuickBooks, be sure to plan ahead for what you want from the system.  What reports do you want?  Will you be keeping track of inventory?  Will you bill your customers with QuickBooks?  Before you can set up the system (any system for that matter), you must think about what you want first.

We work with many clients to “get them going” on QuickBooks.  Oftentimes, we do all the QuickBooks entry for clients.  Whether you need help getting started or if you want us to do all the input for you, we can help.