Carol Sharp, Office Assistant

Carol has been a part of Charles R. Sharp, CPA, LLC from day one.  According to Carol, she has “many moons in tax seasons on both sides of the line.  The long office hours for three plus months of each year and the tax widow at home keeping the fireplace burning.”  Her work at the firm has encompassed almost every position throughout the years.

People might be surprised to know that Carol has nine grandchildren.  She enjoys sewing, writing and other creative hobbies.

Carol and Rick love to travel.  It’s hard for her to believe  she has been all the way around the world a few times over.  Some of her favorite countries visited include India, Nepal, Ecuador, and Mexico.  From her perspective, every culture offers distinct value to our world and she can see the inheritance of many of those cultures in America.  Rick and Carol  enjoy the experience of meeting new friends and find it amazing how much people really are alike with the same basic needs.  They love to include missions as part of their travel ventures and readily admit these special times are a big part of their best memories.  Want to see their pictures?