Q?What are all the new requirements for the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare)?

There are many. Depending on whether you are a business or an individual, whether you are covered under an employer plan or not, and what your income level and household size are, the answer can be much different. We have several blog posts and links, but if you need further advice please call us. Click ObamaCare Information for links to some helpful sites.

Q?I have new employees in my business. Where can I find current withholding forms and the Federal I-9?

See our forms library by clicking here.

Q?Where is my refund?

For federal and state refunds you can check the refund status by clicking the following links:


Q?I am interested in information related to Social Security benefits. What is the website for the Social Security Administration?

Click on this: Social Security Administration

Q?I had my tax return prepared elsewhere and I think I should have received a larger refund. Would your firm review my tax return?

Absolutely. In most cases, we can review your return at no cost to you. However, if we determine that the tax return needs to be amended, there would be a fee for that service. We have found many cases where the return was done incorrectly, and we were able to amend the return and thereby obtain a larger refund. Call us for more information.

Q?What is the best way to contact Charles R. Sharp, CPA, LLC

You choose. You can come by, call, e-mail, or post a question on our website. Whatever works best for you works for us.

Q?Can I deduct……….?

Depends.  We get all kinds of questions and comments about the deductibility of expenses.  Many times people with good intentions are simply wrong if they do not have experience or the necessary training as almost every situation is different.  Ask your CPA to be sure rather than relying on your neighbor, your co-worker, or your brother.

Q?I received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. What should I do?

Don’t panic, but respond by the date required on the letter.  If it requires professional assistance and you need help, bring it to our office and we can communicate with the IRS directly with a power-of-attorney granted by you.  In many cases, the IRS only needs additional information to justify your position on your tax return.

Q?What is the standard mileage rate?

For 2016, the standard business mileage rate is $.54 per mile.  In 2015, the rate is $.575 per mile.  Mileage rates for medical miles and charity miles for 2015 will be $.19 and $.14, respectively.

Q?Do I need to file a tax return?

If you had income tax withheld from your paycheck you certainly want to file a return as you may be entitled to a refund of those withholdings.  Otherwise, it is dependent upon your filing status and income received.

Q?How long should I keep my tax returns?

We recommend keeping a copy of your tax return indefinitely just in case.